The Cheetah sure does run fast.





Look at all the spots

He can run lots

And stop on the spot

Did you count his dots.





Have you been to the zoo and watched the cheetah run?  They are not an animal that everybody gets to see in the wilds of Africa, where most of them make their home. The cheetah can make a nice pet when taught from a cub.  They are covered with round black spots and the thing that really lets you know you are looking at a cheetah is by the black line that runs from the corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth.  The fastest running animal is the cheetah, which can run up to 75 miles per hour for short distances.  But he is fatigued fast and has to take a rest because of the great amount of exertion of energy he puts out in that very quick chase for his food.  Flesh for food is not the best kind of diet for endurance sake and long runs. The animals that are vegetarians have more endurance and can run for longer lengths of time.  His favorite food is the impala, a member of the antelopes.

The mother will have from 3-9 babies and care for them by herself.  Baby is born with his spots.  She is a very protective mother but they have so many predators that only a small percentage grow to be adults, but those that do grow to be big are very beautiful healthy and able creatures.  The males are sometimes by themselves or in groups of 6-8 and mark off their territory with their urine.

The cheetah can weigh 160 pounds and the mom is a little bit smaller than the daddy.

The claws are Semi-retractible claws which means they are not like most cats that move their claws in and out when they want to use them.  He is shorter but higher than the leopard.  When he does all the work of catching his food he would rather let an enemy have the food than to fight the enemy to get his food back.  His predators are watching him and will take advantage of his catch.  

This beautiful cat will purr like your kitten when contented.  It will also do some chirping, stuttering and growling, yowling as his situation may be whether mad or afraid  or meeting a friend or laying contentedly with the babe or another.






Marking territory