THE Grebe is a lobe-footed bird of the 

family lymbidoe.

There are more than twenty species 

described in all parts of the world. All the

 species have the head rather small, the

 eyes near the bill, the neck long and

slender, and the body flattened. The 

plumage is thick and soft, and glossy on

 the under surface. They are usually seen 

in small flocks along the shores of fresh-

water lakes and rivers, and near the sea 

coast, but rarely on land, as the posterior 

position of the legs renders it very difficult

 for them to walk. They are excellent 

swimmers, and expert divers, flying under

 water to a considerable depth in pursuit 

of fish. They are generally short and rapid

 flyers, but during their migrations the 

flight is elevated and long sustained.

When alarmed, they hide among the reeds,

 or sink under water, leaving only the bill

 out till the danger is over.

Birds of this family build their nests

among the rushes or aquatic plants of

lakes and ponds; these nests are built

at the water level, and are woven of light

material, into which are interlaced the

leaves and stalks of the water-plant.

This most curious water-bird builds its

nest in such a manner that it has the power

of conveying it on the surface of the water

like a boat from one position to another

more favorably situated. To effect this,

the Grebe, like a little waterman, pushes

her nest off from the shore, on the rushes,

then jumps in, guarding the eggs and 

leaving one leg out. With her web foot as an

oar, she skillfully "paddles her own “canoe"

  with human dexterity and precision.

Don't the birds in the picture look funny

in their floating, roofless houses!

As we look on the world around us we

see the power and goodness of God in

 fitting every creature to fill its proper 

place in his creation. He has created you,

 dear children, for a life in the great 

hereafter, and provided a way to attain to

 a life of glory through his Son, the dear 

Saviour, who died for you; and will you not

 then love him with your whole heart?











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