Fluffy White



Tropical Bird


Something strange and fair

Flying through the air

We see that God did make

These fluffy white feathers with His care.





Birds Of Paradise

The majority of the birds of Paradise live in the New Guinea regions but you do find some in a couple other places.  It is worth your while to hike the jungles for they like most of all the rain forest denseness.  In these wonders of creation God’s hand can not help but be seen in awe for the gorgeous designs He has put before us to delight in.  It is truly a heavenly sight to be admired and glorify God with.  

The males have elaborate feathers and colors that take a lot to describe.  Because of their beauty many people like to catch them and use their skins and feathers in trade.  

They have a notability for their mating rituals, which are elaborate dances before the females.  The elaborately colored feathered males will get together of certain kinds of the bird of paradise and outdo each other in their vocalizing and dancing and fluttering before the females.  The females will watch and select which one she thinks is doing the best job of displaying his beauty.  The male will have more than one female in some cases.  Sometimes it takes up to seven years for the male to develop his gorgeous delicate feathers for display.  And then there are other bird of paradise that pick one female for life and stay together.  They mostly lay one egg but there is a smaller kind that may lay 2 or 3 eggs.  The food they eat is the wonderful tropical fruits of the forest they live in though some will eat insects as well.  What a day that will be when you will not have to travel hundreds of miles if you want to see these kinds of birds but they will be even more spectacular in the new earth.