Walking Stick

The walking-stick insects, or spectres, are equally curious. These are long, cylindrical insects, often nearly a foot in length, and of the exact color of pieces of greenish or brown sticks. If they have wings, these fold up closely, and are concealed under wing-covers of the same stick-like appearance; while the head and legs are so shaped and jointed as either to fit closely on to the stick-like body, or to appear like branched twigs. These creatures hang about shrubs in the forest, and can seldom be distinguished from small twigs and branches, which have fallen from the trees overhead. They remain quite motionless during the day, and feed at night. They hang across the foliage, holding on by two or three of their legs only, while the others are closely fitted to the body, and they thus give themselves that unsymmetrical appearance which belongs to accidentally broken twigs.  Wonderful indeed are the works of the Maker of all! 

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