A Special Pocket Bed For Her Baby





Bounding along over the land 

With a big long tail that helps her stand

She’ll just take a leap so grand

With babe out on the burning sand.








Kangaroo means “big foot”, although some people say it means “I don’t understand you”.

They live in Australia and New Guinea, but you will see them in the zoos around the world.  The daddy is called a buck and the mother is a doe and baby is joey.  They live in groups for safety sake and they are called a mob.  Some daddy’s weigh 200 pounds and are 6 feet tall.

The baby kangaroo is born in about 31-36 days and crawls into the pouch and then holds onto its mother for sucking its milk, it is only the size of a lima bean and then stays there for about 9 months but will still be fed by mother until 18 months old.  On an average the kangaroo will live about 6 years.  A normal hopping speed for kangaroos is 16 miles an hour but they can go  for a mile at 25 miles an hour.  They like to eat in the cool of the evening feasting on the grass and shrubs and then keep on chewing the cud like a cow.