Epinornis Curious Cup




A CURIOUS egg was recently brought from Madagascar to America, and it is now in New York.  The egg is more than one foot in length, and is large enough to hold two gallons of water. It is eight times greater than the largest of the ostrich's eggs.

The egg is that of a huge bird, now no longer inexistence, called the epinornis. No living person ever saw the epinornis; but skeletons of the colossal creature have been found in the sand banks of Madagascar. The discovery was made in an odd manner. The captain of a merchant vessel went into a harbor on the southern coast of Madagascar to trade with the natives, and while there, he saw the men making use of huge cups in carrying water. Upon investigation, he found that the cups were egg-shells, cut in halves, and he soon obtained a specimen of the egg of the epinornis, which had been preserved for hundreds of years in the dry sandbanks.