IN a certain lake region of Lapland, there is a very curious joint company, consisting of men and birds. They have organized for fishing purposes. Early every morning the hungry birds come out and sing, so to speak, though a more correct term might perhaps be, come out and scream, at the fishermen, telling them plainly enough that it is time to get up. 

The sleepy fishers leave their huts at the summons of these faithful servants, and they need no other alarm clocks. The boats are unmoored, and then the swallows " strike out." The men guide their movements entirely by the course of the swallows, who very likely have been out scenting early that morning. When they pause and hover over a spot, redoubling their cries, then the fishermen know that this is the place for them. They hasten forward and cast in their nets, and are rewarded by finding them well filled.


Barn Swallow

Swallows, traditionally considered the harbingers of summer in Finland, have been seen as far north as Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, reports Birdlife Finland. House martins have also been spotted near the Arctic Circle.  








Tree Swallow