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IT has always been a subject of curiosity as to how and where prairie dogs, living on the prairie, far from any river or stream, obtained their water. Mr. F. Leach, formerly of Mercer County, Pa., and a frontiersman of experience, asserts that the dogs dig their own wells, each village having one with a concealed opening. It matters not how far down the water may be, the dogs will keep on digging until they reach it. He knows of one such well two hundred feet deep, and having a circular staircase leading down to the water. Every time a dog wants to drink he descends the staircase, which, considering the distance, is no mean task. In digging for water the animals display as much pluck as in resisting the efforts of settlers to expel them from the land of their progenitors.

Mr. Leach's statements have been verified by Prof. Aughey, a well-known geologist, who has discovered such wells in Northern Nebraska.


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                                                                                    Dog Town

Prairie Dogs love to do things together.  They live in towns of tens of thousands of them in some place.  Some people shoot or poison them.  They are very sociable little things and like to greet each other saying "Hi" with a kiss. 

In Greek 'prairie dog' means 'dog mouse'

but they are also called 'barking squirrel'.

The noise they make gives you the idea that you are hearing a dog barking.  there are different sounds for certain occasions.

You will see the individuals going from mound to mound chattering to no end and taking note of his neighbors doings and coming and going.  Sometimes these mounds are from one to three feet high around the entrance to their network of tunnels which surely come to more than 30 feet.

They have rooms for specific purposes. as one for night and one for eating and one for storing.

The nursery room is very deep, nearly six feet below the ground where the babies are born and mother nurses them for six weeks and then they start to get use to the running habit of their normal life of fleeing from their enemies for they have many of them.  When the watchman sees or hears, for he is very sensitive to these sounds even before the enemy can be seen, he will send out the alarm cry and depending on what kind of enemy it is they streak for their hole like lightening.

For sure with so many living in a town in such close proximity there has to be order and care for one another and for sure their is a leader to instruct and enforce law or they could not be so successful in getting along with each other.


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The green grass, weeds and straw is what is mostly eaten by the prairie dogs, but they will also eat the seeds and roots and fruits and vegetables and a few insects.