The Painted Lady Butterfly





She likes to flutter

Over the sweet nectar

In the flowers

After the showers.




A BUTTERFLY is the very last creature 

one would suspect of carrying a useful tool, 

and, above all, of using it. But it is true 

that this beautiful insect carries, coiled up 

under his head, a long pump, shaped like 

two half tubes (as though you split a tube 

lengthwise). This tube he can open, and 

after hooking the two sides together, stick 

it deep into a flower, and pump out every 

drop of honey there.




  Painted Lady Butterfly

This is a butterfly called the painted lady that is very good in being prolific in California but is found in many other places.  Adult butterflies eat liquids such as nectar and water.  They have different shapes and sizes in the different butterfly antennae but the painted lady has them almost like a thread with a thick handle on the end and they use the antennae for their smelling in the air.  Their taste is 200 times stronger than the human tastes.  The butterfly can see very good and hears the sounds and can make clicking sounds as well.  Some of the butterflies have territory for their home and chase others away.  They like to bask in the sun and gather the heat and energy from the sun and then they will take off again.  Have you ever seen a butterfly meet another one and all of a sudden they flutter together and twirl quickly up to the blue sky and disappear.  The painted lady is one of the kinds of butterflies that migrate for hundreds of miles.

In all stages of the butterfly they have predators like birds and beetles.  The tongue of the painted lady is like a rolled up paper horn so he can gather the liquids from the many different kinds of flowers that he eats such as the red clover and the thistle, daisies, asters, and golden rod and others.