He has such soft, smooth stripes.








Would it be great to take a ride

In the world on the other side

Where the zebras hide

With stripped black and white hide.





One can hardly help but stare when he sees the creation of God called the zebra.  He looks as if someone had fun tying black ribbons around a big package.  Some of these ribbons run horizontal and some are vertical.  The Lord has a wonderful imagination and you can see it all through nature and the animals he made for His and our pleasure. There are three main types of zebra that are still living. Some kinds live in the mountains and some on the plains and they roam in harems or large herds throughout Africa.  They like to be together and the mother will start having a baby every year at the age of about three years old.

The zebra eats mostly grass but some leaves and bushes as well.  They can see and hear and smell very well and are good for their endurance to run from their predators.

The reason man has not used him extensively in domesticating the zebra is that he is too nervous and not as reliable as the horse, but some people have tried to ride them and hook them to the carriages and of course they are good and strong in their work. You can make him a good pet.  But most of all in heaven you will enjoy him in the perfection of that glorious home.