Mommy And Her Twins




Real big moose

Who set you loose

 Did you meet a goose

Out in the slough.







The Northern countries of Canada and Siberia are where the moose lives mostly but they use to be more scattered in the south but all the hunting of them for food and leather cut down the population.  Moose are the largest of the deer family and are the only deer that can eat under water.  He likes the aquatic plants to eat, where he can be in the water and escape the flies that are so plentiful that like to bother him.  And he will eat the leaves of the birch, stripping them off in bunches from the branches as well as other willows, plants and trees. He has some good teeth but the top front teeth are missing and he has a tough tongue and upper lip that helps him get hold of the tough foliage and woody vegetation.   He will eat about 71 pounds of food a day.  He likes to live alone except during mating season when he will fight hard with his antlers to have his choice of a mate and sometimes he will pick more than one.  It takes about eight months befor the bay is born.  But he does not take care of his baby and leaves all the work for mommy to care for one or sometime twin babies.

Some daddy moose will grow to be 1,500 pounds, but of course the mommy is not quite that big and is usually around 440–790 pounds.

Daddy is called a bull and mommy is called a cow and baby is a calf.