Steller's Jay


Mr. Jay is squawking

What a lovely blue you bring

To brighten up the spring

So now show us your offspring.



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 Steller’s Jay Call

This wonderful beautiful blue bird lives in the western states and as far south as Nicaragua.  They like to live in the ever-green forest that are not too dense. Usually they are in groups of 10 or 12 birds.  You have to look close, but they have a small light blue strip on the forehead. They are a very active and friendly bird. They will come to the window and let us know they want something to eat.  They gorge themselves on wheat as well as other things like nuts and seeds and other bird’s eggs.  They take the beak full of grain and plant it in the wooden planters in the garden and in the spring we find stashed in different places over the garden, these clumps of grain starting to shoot out of the dirt, so we know where the jay has been.  They also like to peck at the sunflowers growing in the garden.  The seeds and nuts that have a hard shell that they need to remove, they will carry to a hard surface like wood or railing and hold it with their feet while they peck at it with the beak until the shell is removed and they can eat it.

It is a scene of delight to watch them flying through the air, showing the blue streak to all that see them and at the same time giving their loud call saying “here I come, I want some more wheat.”

They like to go to the oak woods to gather the acorns in the fall for a feast.



Steller’s Jay

       Ever since I was a young girl the steller’s Jay was one of my favorite birds.  One of our vacations in the summer time one year was when we went to Yosemite National Park.  As a child I was delighted with these flashy, friendly birds that were 

every where you would go in the park. The people would be feeding these birds and of course this is what the birds wanted.       

      Some of the time we rented a housekeeping tent and then a cabin.       

     Any one that goes there falls in love with the place with the Merced River winding around the valley with its crystal clear cold water. Of course people swim in it any way.  There are several waterfalls to delight the eyes with each one having its own distinct spots of beauty.     

     Over the years in our travels we have seen the Steller’s Jay.  We have been living in these mountains for more than fifteen years and have never seen the young of the steller’s Jay.  The last few years we have had a bird feeder by our window and most of all it is the jays that come.  We have enjoyed this tremendously and I am sure they have a great amount of food stored away for the winter or at least the period of time that we do not see them each year.  Sometimes we have seen them fill their mouth or if you want to call it a pouch like a squirrel so full of food that they had a hard time to keep it in and not swallow it and fly away with it.  They do return for 

more.  We just keep filling up the feeder.

      The chickadee, towhee, sparrow and junco come to the feeder also.  Sometimes the pigeon hawk came sweeping through to see if he can get a meal.  One time we even saw him sitting on the railing by the house. 

     There is a part of the year that the jays just disappear and we don’t see them at all.  When they see me after not seeing me for a period of time they will fly at the window where I am and squawk loudly quite a bit.  It seems that he is saying ‘hi, good to see you’.  Most of the time they don’t like to eat together and they will have a little ‘cock fight’ at the feeder.  Sometimes the one at the feeder will stand his ground and they will just stand there still as can be and stare at each other.  Usually they are good about taking turns or some times even eat together, with two on each side of the feeder.  Sometimes we will see them feed each other or kiss.  Sometimes they give a very soft melodious like sounds that normally you don’t hear because of 

the expected loud calls  that are so common.  They are always on the move, so keep your eyes open.  You could be surprised sometime.    

      One day I was watching two Steller’s  Jays in the apple tree right by our house.  They were following each other around in the tree and sometimes would kiss and give soft attentions to each other.  They kept this up for a while going through the tree and staying in that tree, all the  while I was watching them and then they started mating right before my eyes.  I could hardly believe what I was seeing of these wild birds. They were so soft and gentle and having such a wonderful time together right were I could see them.  I will say it again that I can hardly believe what I was seeing.

       So next time you see the jays listen for the soft melodies as well as the loud noise.  

They are both important to the jays.  We just love the striking flashing blue in the bright sunshine.

       My husband has been taking plenty of pictures of them.  Sometimes just one comes to the feeder even up to eight or so.  It can get exciting to watch them come and go and do their thing.    

 I enjoy the awesome blue of these kingly looking birds and praise the Lord for His creative power in making these creatures for us to enjoy.