THE Colugo is a curious, bat-like animal, which abounds in Java, Sumatra, and Borneo. It has a membrane from the neck to the end of the tail, which, being attached to the ends of the four limbs, plays the part of wings, permitting the animal to sustain itself in the air, for even a longer time than the flying squirrels. 

The Colugos hide themselves during the day in the most lonely parts of the forests, 

and come forth at evening in search of food. They are then seen moving actively among the trees, either climbing or flying. 

Their flight is noiseless, and it is said that they can clear a space of some hundreds of 

yards. They feed on insects, fruits, and small birds.

In order to rest, these animals suspend themselves by their hind paws to the 

branches of trees, like bats. The natives of the countries they inhabit choose this 

time for capturing them, they being fond of their flesh for food.


This colugo is not a squirrel nor a bat.