Crawling Bugs





Ladybug, ladybug

Shiny red and black

When you leave my garden

Be sure you come back.




Ladybugs are really little beetles of many different colors and designs.  There are lots of them in many places around the world and lots of them can be all black or brown or gray, but many have very bright colors.

Some people think the ladybug is good for your garden because it eats aphids and other small destroyers.  But if you get too many ladybugs the way they can harm your plants is by having their larvae hatch out and then they have to eat also and they feast on the leaves in the garden so there has to be a balance of nature to keep it under control.  But they don’t ordinarily bite you so you do not need to be afraid of them.

Around the world he has a variety of name 
he is called such as,
 ladybird, lady clock, lady fly, 
lady cow and lady beetle.










Yellow Shouldered ladybird