Do you like to be in the cold

That’s where these have their fold

And then their little egg they hold

To keep it out of the cold.



  Penguins Of Chill

This name is some thing people have trouble with.  Can you think of a better name than penguin?  It is referred to as “White Head” Or “ Fat Goose” but they just don’t seem to know.  This is a bird that does not fly but uses its wings to swim.  Don’t you get the chills when you think of swimming in all that icy cold water that the penguins are in.

This unique bird lives in colonies and can start out small of course and then become as many as hundreds of thousand of them.  Different kinds and various sizes of penguins live in the south from the equator to the Antarctica.  The mother and father help to take care of the young.  Some species lay one egg and some others lay two eggs.  They take good care of the babies.  In the cold weather the females will go to the ocean in search of food, while the fathers cuddle together to help each other keep warm, taking turns to be in the center where it is warmest.

The penguins are friendly to humans and seem to have little fear of them.  They look like a little toy that would be fun to play with.