Many Bright Colors





This neat bird will visit your garden

And perhaps scatter that corn

You can’t miss his color in the garden green

He makes such a beautiful scene.





 All around the world you can find pheasants but they are from Asia originally.  The daddy is usually bigger than the mommy with a longer tail and wattles and lots of color.   He does not help mommy take care of her babies but they like to live in flocks wandering through the woods and swamps and farmyards.  He usually has several wives.  The mother is a brown color so she will blend with the brown dirt around her nest that is on the ground.  She will lay about ten eggs that will hatch in about two weeks.  It takes a while for the young male to get his many bright colors like his daddy.  They like to eat all kinds of things but mostly seeds and if you are growing corn in your garden be sure if there are pheasants around they will come to visit your corn patch.

Hunters and dogs each year destroy over a million pheasants.  Lets do what we can to keep these beautiful birds that God made from being hurt.