Panther is a big cat

But please do not pat

He’ll be glad to sit on his mat

Where his babies nap.






The big cats in the wild are called felines and the leopards, tigers, jaguars and cougars, etc., are all known to have at different times a black baby in the litter.

Usually a panther is a bit smaller that the regular colored ones of his litter.

  When there is a black cat born in the wild like this it is called Melanism.

The spots on the animals can still be seen with a close examination.

The difference between the leopard and jaguar spots, which they call rosettes, is that the jaguar’s line is darker, thicker, fewer and there is a dark spot in the center that the leopard does not have.  The Jaguars head is more round and he is heavier than the leopard.  About 6% of the jaguars are black and called melanistic a color morph.

Sometimes as they grow older the color will turn to a brownish or grayish color.

Also there are what is called white panther which can be an albino or just a regular big cat that is white with the normal eye color and skin pigment.