Such A Tiny Ball Of Fur.





    Many, many running   

And soon they are sunning

From where do they come

In such a great sum.



This little rodent is 1-4 ounces in weight and is 3-6 inches in length and lives in the Arctic.  His foods are shoots, grasses and hedges. He does not hibernate in the winter but lives on the food under the snow and what he has stored away for winter.  His bright yellow color makes it easy to see him.  They have teeth that are continuously growing so they can chew the hard stems and leaves that he collects for his food so most of the time they are vegetarians.  

Lemmings can reproduce very quickly and it seems every four years they are way over populated.  Of course the predators are always after them so that can make the numbers fluctuate.  They are aggressive to predators and to people.  They are good swimmers and will swim across the lakes in their migrations when there gets to be so many.