A Big Happy Family



These happy singing birds 

Bring cheer to your yard

  See them darting here and there  

  Sunflower seeds they gather.



evening grosbeak



The word grosbeak means “large beak”.  These beautiful birds have broad thick beaks that they use for taking shells off of nuts and seeds and their specialty are the sunflower seeds.

The male has a brighter color arrangement than the female and mommy is smaller than daddy.  There are several kinds of grosbeaks that are very colorful as with the red and gray kinds, and some are yellow and black and white and others are purple or red and black.

The songs of these singers are wonderful and they will come in big flocks to the yard and sit in the trees and sing all together so you would think a choir has come to entertain you.  Then as if thinking they need to be paid for their music they all come to the bird feeder and feast abundantly on the sunflower seeds.  But its a delight to watch them and see how well they get along with each other as they share and care for each other.  They are fluttering around together as a big family.  Some of them will scare another one away but they don’t seem to really fight, it seems more like a game to play or just something to do and they keep on feasting.

Grosbeaks live in North America and South America.

black headed grosebeak



ultramarine grosbeak


pine grosbeak