Mom And Babe





Our Dear Jesus loves to make

These creatures wide awake

Caring for the baby sake

They are real, not just fake.





When this baby was born it weighed only about 0.5 gr.  But it does not take long and in about a year he can have a weight of between 9 and 33 pounds. Mommy has a pouch that he craws into and latches onto one of her teats and stays there for about 26 weeks.  Their soft thick fur is light or dark gray to brown colors. They can be fussy about making sure he keeps his territory just the way he wants it to be and marks his tree so other koala know that it belongs to somebody else.  There can be some pretty tough fights and some do fall out of the tree.  Although there are some casualties most of them are not hurt badly when falling.

They live on the leaves from the eucalyptus trees.