Chicken Habits


"DON'T throw the crumbs 

so near the door, Nannie. 

The white hen's chickens are 

learning to come into the house."

"Oh, it won't make any difference, mother, 

  we shall kill them this fall."

And so Nannie kept on throwing out the 

crumbs, and the chickens grew bolder and 

bolder, and their bad habit got more firmly 


When the chickens were killed the next 

fall, little Alfred pleaded so hard that one 

of the white hen's chickens a beautiful 

black pullet might be given to him, that 

it was not killed.

"Alfred's hen is a perfect nuisance," 

stoutly affirmed Nannie the next summer. 

"She torments me nearly to death. There's 

that pan full of milk on the floor, by my 

trying to chase one of her miserable 

chickens out of doors. I can't see what

 makes her act so."

"Don't you remember the crumbs, Nannie? 

She is one of the white hen's chickens, 

you know."

Nannie looked sheepish, as her mother 

continued, "Remember, my daughter, it's 

not best to learn evil if we don't expect to 

practice it."



 NEVER dare go where you have reason to 

question whether God will go with you. A 

Christian should never willingly be where 

there is not room for his Saviour.



 "The reason given why birds do not fall off their perches is because they cannot open the foot when the leg is bent. Thus a hen while walking will close its toes as it raises the foot and open them as it touches the ground." 

December 8, 1898