Grizzly Cubs Play 



Grizzly Bear


The cubs will splash

In the sunlight flash

They'll take a dash

And have a spring wash.





 The grizzly bear is the most ferocious 

 animal in our country. He knows his own 

strength, and is not afraid to attack even 

the great buffalo. He strikes him quick 

and fast with his great paw until he breaks 

his bones, and then he can kill him easily.

Some of these bears are nine feet long, 

and are as large as an ox. They often 

weigh ten or twelve hundred pounds. He is 

not afraid of a man, like the black bear, but 

will kill one if he can meet him, whether 

he is hungry or not. If he kills anything 

when be is not hungry, he digs a hole in 

the ground, puts in his prey, and then cov- 

ers it up, and lets it stay till he is hungry.

A man once saw a great grizzly bear 

coming right toward him. He was not 

armed, and could not run away. So he 

lay down and pretended to be dead. Soon 

the bear came up, turned him over with his 

great paw, and at last dragged him off and 

buried him, and then went away to wait till 

he was hungry. After the bear was gone, 

the man got up and made his way out of 

the woods as fast as his feet could carry 

him. Don't you think the man was glad 

that the bear was not hungry?

Bears are often spoken of in the Bible. 

Do you remember where David told Saul 

that he had killed both a lion and a bear 

that were carrying off his father's lambs ? 

He did not take all the praise to himself, 

but said that the Lord had delivered him 

from the paw of the lion, and the paw of the