Jesus Makes Beautiful colors!





The color makes his fame

And will play a game

He is so very tame

So, will even say your name.






Parrots are mostly found in South America and Australasia and in the other tropical regions.  One of the things that make it easy to identify a parrot is the thick curved beak and strong legs and claws.  When you see a parrot you can’t help but think of a many colored flower especially designed by its Creator.

Parrots eat seeds, nuts, fruits and shoots and other material from plants.  Most parrots nest in tree hollows unless in captivity and lay white eggs.

The fact has become very obvious that crows, magpies, ravens, and jays are some of the most intelligent of birds and the parrot goes right along in this group as well.  People like to teach these birds to talk so they have been hunted and trapped to a great extent so that now there are not that many flourishing in the jungles.  Man has to put a limit on this harmful depleting of the birds in the wild.  

There are some that are called pigmy parrots that are very tiny and some that are very large that are three feet and weigh 8 pounds.  The cockatoo has a crest on its head that moves up and down.  Most of the parrots are the same with no distinction between mommy and daddy with all of them being very colorful.


I WAS once on a visit to a friend who kept a parrot said to be fifty years old, 

which he had obtained from a manufacturer who employed a great many boys. 

I went up to the bird and said, 

"Well, Polly, you have lived a great many years in this world;

 will you give me the result of your fifty years' experience, and advise me what to do? "

Polly listened attentively, and then with a knowing look turned her head and exclaimed, "Go to work! go to work!"

Follow the parrot's advice, my young friends; and whatever you do worthy of your attention, do it not carelessly but in a workmanlike manner, and "work while it is called today."





PARROTS are found in tropical climates. They breed in hollow trees, and live on fruits and seeds. 

They are remarkable for the brilliancy of their colors and their faculty of making indistinct articulations of words in imitation of the human voice. 

The hooked bill is used in climbing. These birds are found in many parts of the country as pets. 

They become very interesting on account of their efforts at imitating sounds that they hear. Sometimes they will whistle in imitation of other birds, and in imitation of men and boys calling dogs. A man in a town had one that would whistle until he would gather a lot of dogs near his cage, then in imitation of a man he would cry out, " Get out, get out," and send the dogs away in a great hurry. 

They will learn to pray or to swear. A lady once had one that had learned to swear by hearing somebody about the house swear. This lady knew of a man who had one that prayed. She concluded to take hers over to see whether it would not learn to pray by hearing the other one, but, sad to relate, the swearing one succeeded in teaching the other to swear instead of being converted to praying himself. 

Badness is a dangerous thing to be about. 

There is so much of it in the world that it sometimes overcomes the good. If parrots can be led to bad habits by getting into bad company, there is danger of boys and girls becoming bad if they associate with others who are wicked.

S. S. Gem.