What a heavenly sight

And is all pure white

So white just like a light

Full of beauty bright.






 Egret Plumes

      This is certainly a gorgeous heavenly bird of God’s creation.  If there can be said there is a little of heaven on earth this surely can be a symbol to make you think that.

They can grow to about three feet tall and weigh around two pounds or more.  Their massive wings can be more than five feet across.  The Egret is a type of heron and is shown thus because it keeps a crook in its neck while it flies through the air. 

The mommy and the daddy are the same and look alike, but there are different kinds of egrets that are different colors and sizes.  Sometimes the bill can get darker during the mating season.  They like to have colonies of nests in the trees so you can imagine the streaks of white flashing through the air.  They don't make much sound in these tree tops but you will hear them sometimes making a croaking sound  of cuk, cuk, cuk.

The Egret flies slowly and has a yellow bill and black legs.  When it is breeding time they get beautiful, delicate ornamental plumage on the back.  They build a nest of rough sticks very high in the trees.  It only takes a few day and the eggs hatch out the little chicks.

These lovely birds like the shallow water where they can catch fish and frogs as well as other small animals for their food.

Man fell for the beauty of the feathers and started using them for decorating the hats that they made so the population of this bird was declining.  Some people would breed the Egrets just to raise them for the feathers to sell for making hats. We are sorry for all the birds that die just for the pride of man’s heart to think he is making himself or herself beautiful.  Someday soon no more birds will die.  In heaven you can pet and play with this wonderful bird.