Inhabits America. It is larger and more

 powerful than the leopard, which it 

resembles in color, but has a black streak

 across the chest, and a black spot in the

 center of the rosettes. It is fond of 

climbing trees, and finds little difficulty in

 ascending, even when the trunk is smooth

 and destitute of branches. It chases 

monkeys successfully, and is said to 

watch for turtles on the beach, and to 

scoop out their flesh by turning them on

 their backs and inserting its paws between

 the shells. 

Nor does it confine its attention to the

 turtles themselves, for it watches them lay

 their eggs, and then scoops them out of

 the sand with its claws. It often makes

 fearful havoc among the sheepfolds, and is

 said to depart so far from the usual habits

 of the Felidoe as to enter the water after

 fish, and to capture them in the shallows

 by striking them out of the water with a

 blow of its paw. There have been 

instances of the domestic cat acting  in the

 same manner.

When it captures one of the larger animals, 

it destroys it by leaping upon its back, and 

twisting the head of its prey round, until 

the neck is dislocated.