Seal and Sea lions

The sea coast from the arctic to the tropic are where the seals love to play in the water and fend for their food.  The seal and sea lion and walrus are in the same family, they have hair and ears and long flippers and walk on all fours and also use them to swim gracefully.  They can weigh 600 pound and be eight feet long.  Some are brown and some are gray with black spots.  They eat a lot of food and can eat 15-35 pounds of food at a single meal.

The seal can be taught to catch and throw a ball to do twirls with the rings and other playing that they do at the parks.  They are friendly to man in many cases, but they do want to take care of their own, so respect their territory.




"Sea lions have also been reported to assist or save humans who show signs of distress in the open waters. In June 2000, Kevin Hines leaped into San Francisco Bay; he reportedly was saved by a sea lion that kept him afloat and breathing until the paramedics arrived."