MOST wonderful and ingenious bird is the Turnstone. It has earned this singular name by the manner in which it procures its food, which is by turning over with its strong, curved beak the stones on the seashore, in order to obtain the insects that are under them.

A great naturalist named Thomas Edward, who is now living, saw two of these birds on the Scotch coast, trying hard to turn over a cod-fish; but as it was six times as large as themselves they found their task rather difficult. 

Still they set bravely to work, pushing away, first with their bills and then with their breasts; but in spite of their pushing the fish would not turn over, so they ran round to the other side, and began to scrape away the sand to undermine it, so that it might turn over more easily; and then with fresh energy they set to work, but still the heavy fish would not move. 

Presently another Turnstone came flying toward them from the rocks, and Mr. Edwards could hear a low, pleasant murmur of delight at this timely help. So now there were three to tackle the obstinate fish, and many hands, or rather beaks, made light work in removing the sand; then with a long push, and a strong push, and a push all together, at length they raised the fish some inches above the sand, but it was too heavy for them, they could not turn it over down it sank again.

Poor birds! They were obliged to rest for a while to recover from their disappointment. But still the little creatures would not be beaten; thrusting their bills under the fish, they managed to lift it again, and with another united push with their breasts, at last the fish rolled over, and the brave little birds were victorious. 

You may imagine how much they enjoyed the rich feast of insects, which they found where the fish had lain. "I was so pleased and even delighted," adds Mr. Ed- wards, " with the sagacity and perseverance which they had shown, that I should have considered myself guilty of a crime had I endeavored to take away the lives of these interesting  beings at the very moment when they were exercising the wonderful instincts implanted in them by their Creator."