Do you know what an opossum does when he is scared?  You might say “he is scared to death.”  Well, when he is in trouble he just so frightened, he falls over on his side and his mouth is open so his tongue can hang out and his eyes are opened and he ejects a fluid that stinks, which his predator can’t stand to smell.  So he looks like a dead opossum, and is near a coma condition and will be like that about four hours, but he is not dead and make the enemy think that dead opossum can’t hurt my family.  At other time when threatened with  danger he will his and fight ferociously with his foe and showing his many white teeth.

The opossum does not hibernate and usually does not live very long, usually about two years.

This animal is the only marsupial that lives in America as well as Australia and carries the babies in a pouch.  The mother has thirteen nipples, twelve in a circle and one in the center.  The parent will use his tail for support as if it were another foot.  She will sometimes carry her babies on her back and they can curl their tails about hers as she climbs and hunts for food.

This animal will eat nearly anything that come along or whatever they can find but one of their favorite is persimmons.