He Will Live In Your Backyard

If You Let Him.








Up the path the llama came

So glad to see me there

So I could stroke with tender touch

His soft and lovely hair.





 These intelligent camel family animals live in South America and are domesticated.  They have been a friend to man for a long time and do a lot of work for him and provides wool for blankets and clothing for the families as well as for selling purposes.  Llamas can grow to be 6 feet tall and weigh 450 pounds and when a baby is born he can weigh between 20 and 30 pounds.  These herds of llamas like to be together and are very sociable creatures.  Their fur coats are very soft and make beautiful blankets.

The baby is born after 11 ½ months and the other females stand around the mother watching for the half hour it takes for the little one to be born, to keep the father and other attackers away during her easy time of not being able to protect herself and her babe.  There is a great variety of colors in the llama herds.  They will travel for miles with heavy packs on their back.